the creator things

What should you be thankful for, what should you be thankful for the MOST, huh? This last Sunday our pastor talked about being thankful, but not just for the 'creatED' things, but especially for the 'creatOR' things.

Let me esplain: Created things would be like friends, your house, your computer, your dog, etc. The Creator things would be like Christ's love, and his sacrifice.

On Sunday, our pastor came up with this list to help you: I named these the SIX PACK.
(the top six things we should be thankful for)
1. Qualification for the Unqualified
2. Inheritance for the Bankrupt
3. Rescue from Captivity and Death
4. Transferal to Freedom and Life
5. Redemption from Slavery to Sin
6. Freedom from Sin's Penalty and Power
and here's a bonus one:
7. God's Promise of Tomorrow

Man Isn't that awesome! It better awesome to you, otherwise you might want to go home and re-think your life!

So try not to get so wrapped up in the CreatED things and focus more on this list.


Oh, and for a Thanksgiving gift, I put up a few new songs on the side. And be sure to listen to Rescue!

im giving it out

Alright, today I'm giving out the amazing Jesus Blog Award.

And like I said before, and if the picture doesn't speak for itself, this award is for anyone and any blog that has shown and outspoken love for Jesus. (Yeah, I know, the picture kind of gave that away, huh? Darn...)

The link thing I'm going to leave up to you, if you don't mind linking the pic to us then that's great, but if you'd rather not, fine, be that way! Just kidding, do whatever you want.

I'm not going to copyright it or anything so Merry Christmas.

If anyone wants, they can help me pass out this award, but I'd appreciate it if you did tell whoever you give it to where it originated from.

And here's who I'm awarding right now right off the bat:
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Man, that was a lot of work...
Later Ill have to get on everyone's blog to tell them, oh well. And if I didn't award you, and you want it, just comment, and Ill evaluate you. And if you DID get it, say thank you! :)


i know... shoot me

It's been a long time.. i know... But I've been busy (i guess everyone is busy). But I thought I would just get on here to tell ya'll that im still alive, but i have no idea about Nick, Kole, and Luke. they may very well be dead.

My missions trip is coming up! very excited about that... Keep praying for me. I have all the support i need (money wise) and now im just waiting for time to go by. Btw. Im going to be going to a lot of orphanages out there, so just pray that i can make a difference to these kids! (I need to brush up on my magic tricks). :)

Yeah, and about that Jesus blog award thing, what do i do with it now? Do i go to people's blog and just say 'hey buddy, you got an award, go to my blog and grab it."? And do i link the award to our blog? (that way i can get a lot more hits...)? Anybody?

And so much for the poll... everyone said to post MORE, but that's the last thing we've been doing! Although i think we already knew that we should be posting more... rats.

About pictures though... i had no idea that we were supposed to be posting pictures! What pictures should i put up?
how 'bout this:

No? you don't like that? well...

Okay, I owe you guys one for me not posting for so long, so here's something for your entertainment, this is a great song:

ill post later,

and here's another one just 'cause i like you guys so much. This is off of switchfoot's new album. Kole and i were playing it earlier and we sounded pretty good.


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