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Hey, guys! Just got back this morning from camp (Project 61) and we had a great time serving and meeting new kids and friends. It's kind-of sad that it's over for now, but I learn a lot and was able to learn about some other beliefs from some of the other guys, and it really challenged me to know where things are in the bible. Just wanted to share something that I learned at camp. We went through the passage about the sheep and the goats and how we are serving Christ when we serve these kids. You might be a little less hesitant to serve next time knowing that you are serving Christ!

All For His Son's Glory,

P.S. Listen to the song on the sidebar. It is currently my favorite song!
P.P.S I had told three people that I would mention them on the blog so just wanted to say hi to Colby, Rachel, and Brittney! The same to others like Jp, James, Rilley, Matt, Chris, Malichi, Sam, Paige, and any others I didn't name!


Josh Nunley July 13, 2008 at 7:32 PM  

Hey Kole, thanks for putting up that song. I didn't hear about Phil Wickham until you put him on the sidebar, and now our band will probably doing a few of his songs too.

Kristina Marie(: July 14, 2008 at 3:49 PM  

its kristina(:
i love your guys' blogg
its sooo kool! how is youhh guys doin?
I miss everyone!
(: Kristina


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