The Five Points of Calvinism

Lately, I have been discussing some theology with someone on the Internet who is a catholic, and I has really made me realize how little I know of God's word and how to defend my beliefs.

But yesterday I got a book from my Dad called, "The Five Points of Calvinism", written by three guys whose names are: David N. Steele, Curtis C. Thomas (who I've met, and I personally know his brother. We go to the same church), and S. Lance Quinn (who is Curtis's pastor).

I have only started the book and I love it! You see in 1610, one year after the death of James Arminians, his followers drew up an article of faith with five points and took it before the State of Holland. They insisted that the Belgic Confession of Faith and the Heidelberg Catechism be changed to their beliefs. This meeting called the "Great Synod" came together and put it up against scripture and convened 154 times.

During this time, they came up with the "Five Point's of Calvinism" and condemned Arminism as heresy. And one thing I love about this book is that is puts the five beliefs of Arminist's on one side of the page and the Calvinistic beliefs on the other side so you can compare the two with ease. I am about to get into a section that talks about the similarities between Arminism and Pelagius' beliefs; and Calvinistic belief with the beliefs of Augustine. It's fascinating.

I would recommend this book to everyone! Arminian or Calvinist!

All For His Son's Glory!

P.S. I'm a Calvinist just in case you didn't know!


cj August 19, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

I'll see if I can check it out.

I have a little book about the five the five points of calvinism, but it's not the same one.

Your fellow Calvinist,

Ryan August 21, 2008 at 5:29 AM  

Sounds quite good. There is another book which I have that focuses on the controversy over free will. It is called "Willling to Believe" by R.C. Sproul and looks at the beliefs of Pelagius, Augustine, Semi-Pelagians, Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Jonathan Edwards, Charles G. Finney, and Lewis Chafer. (I am also a calvinist).

Madison September 10, 2008 at 8:57 PM  

Thats Cool. I will try to check it out. oh and by the way I'm Katie's friend Madison. This sight is interesting and can go far. Keep it up. Ask Katie for my number. I would really like to talk to you about some of this stuff sometime.


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