Rembrandt and The Cross

A long time ago, I posted on this picture and a couple of songs we did on sunday reminded me of it so I wanted to just share this again to the people who haven't heard it. It is a painting done by a man named Rembrandt. I love this Picture because Rembrandt actually painted himself (with his painters cap) putting up the cross of Christ! He saw that it was he had put Christ on the tree, and it reminded me of the passage in Romans 8 that says that we were enemies of God! When I think of an enemy, I think of hatred.. We hated God! But Christ showed us mercy and it says in a few verses before that God demonstrates his love to us by what he did on the cross! His' love is still being demonstrated to us by what he did on the cross two thousand years ago! But my point is that Rembrandt saw himself as a enemy..a hater.. of God! I think when we see who we were, and what God has done, the gospel becomes that much more glorious to us!

All For His Son's Glory!

New Media Player

I took the liberty of programming a fancy, custom media player for OurLifeSavior.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  The other one was messed up because it didn't work on the internet browser Safari and it didn't allow you to see the name of the song directly in it.  With the new one, you can see the title of the song right on there, and it just looks better.

Try it out and let me know what you think!  I'd be glad to add features if you have suggestions.  You can click the play button to start it.  Generally, it should say the artist and title of the song once it's ready to play.

In addition, I put the song "While You Were Sleeping" in the media player--the song that Kole, Kade and I will be playing for Candlelight Service.  We still need votes on our name--don't forget to vote, if you haven't already!

Edit: I've added a function for the media player.  Right click it to access it.  It is "AutoStart," which makes the song start when you enter the page (without hitting play).  Unless you have it blocked, it will save your preference for next time you visit.

Edit 2: I added a loading display.  When the song begins, the area behind the song title will be gray.  While the song is loading, the background will show a progress bar from gray to red, and when it is fully red it is fully loaded.

God bless!


Vote Now!!...And Hurry!!

Luke, Kade, and I (without Nick because he moved...sad...) will be performing a song called "While you were sleeping" by Casting Crowns, and we were wondering what our band name should be. So we are asking that you post your vote on the sidebar and tell us which one you like best! If you have a name suggestion, comment the name and we might put it up as an option! Thanks!


Our Head of Gold

Hey everyone.   It's been awhile since I posted, eh?  Nick was tricky enough to get me to change the song, knowing that I would be unable to resist posting.

Today, I'll just share a bit from my Morning and Evening this morning.  It compared Nebuchadnezzar's head of gold in his dream to our Head of gold--Christ.  While Nebuchadnezzar's statue had other, weaker and less desirable parts, such as the feet of iron mixed with clay compared to the head of gold, Christ's body has been glorified to match the glorious Head.

And after this, Spurgeon said to pause to think--just try to contemplate the amazing glorification we as Christians have and are being sanctified toward.  How overwhelming and awesome is our Head of gold!

God bless you all!



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