Obsessed with Christ

The Youth Group at Hope CBC is starting a new study on 1 Thessalonians. We are memorizing it at the same time, so we are familiar with the text and are able to remember what we learned.

Tonight was the third lesson in the study. We went over 1 Thessalonians 1:5-10. The "big idea" Tyler gave as he was teaching was this:

God wants more from (your name)

He began by saying that a Christian must be obsessed with Jesus. We as believers must be completely consumed by Christ -- in our thoughts, in our motives, in our actions, in everything. And that goes right along with our Sunday study in Colossians - "that Christ might come to have first place in everything."

Just a quick exhortation to live a cross-centered life. Be obsessed and pre-occupied with Jesus Christ. Leave the unbelieving world convicted and confused by your godly life.


my missions trip

What!? A missions trip!?

A while back, a man came out to our church from Little Rock, AR and gave us a presentation of a ministry he's doing with a few other people. I was really moved by it and if the Lord wills, I will be going on a missions trip with him in December! The Lord is so amazing, I never thought I would go on a missions trip (at least, not to a place like this). But after his presentation, I was totally hyped about it.

Where we will be going:

Ha. Fooled you. I don't really know what I can and what I can't say online. And it's better to be safe than sorry. The place there is communist, and they're Buddhist, so it is illegal to bring Christianity there (we could get in trouble if we were caught there).

What this ministry does:

The main thing they do is build. Orphanages, churches, stores, etc. Anything to help the people out there. They don't actually build the buildings with their own hands, but they direct the money where it goes. So when they go out there they take a lot of cash.

What I will be doing:

Using the gifts the Lord has given me to minister to the people out there! Probably playing the guitar and singing, and working with a lot of the children out there, (many of whom are orphans).
What I need to get to go down there:

Three thousand smackers.

The worst part about the whole thing:

The shots. Dag-nab-it. I'll have to get them real soon now.

What to pray for right now:

1. That the Lord would work things out and allow me to go and serve.

2. That God would provide me the money I need.

3. The trip down there (it will be somewhat hazardous).

4. That I will be a great help and blessing to the believers out there.

5. The shots.

So go ahead and start praying for me, it's still a few months away, but everything is pulling together really quickly.

God bless,

Toby Mac's latest City on Our Knees


Until the Whole World Hears

Here is Casting Crowns' latest! I first heard this new song at a Casting Crowns concert not long ago in Idaho Falls, ID with my youth group. Great song, even if you aren't crazy for the heavy beat. I think this is their most 'rocky' song. Great message though.



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