i am a po-et, and you did not know-it | the loser#links#links

i am a po-et, and you did not know-it the loser#links#links

if you haven't notice already !URGENT! (well not THAT urgent)

Well, If you haven't noticed, I'm the only one who's been posting on this blog. (And I'm sure you already knew that, didn't you?) Hey Luke! Where are you!? Kole! Where are you!? Nick!...

I don't know, they're too busy or something... but Kade is rejoining the blogging world in an all new style! Whahahahaha!

I'm starting a new blog!!

I'll still be posting on this one, Don't worry! But if you want the good stuff you'll have to go here. Now, this is a big shocker, i know... just relax... take a step back... get control of yourself!

Anyways, I started a new blog for a new decade! Time to make some changes! My blog is called 'the loser' based off of Matt. 16:25 "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it." So I am going from Life Savior to The Loser. So I was trying to save my life while doing this blog, but now I am going to lose it for His sake at this new blog! Haha, my Dad thought of that, rather cleaver I must say...

But please, go there and follow me!

I started a blog list on The Loser of all my favorite blogs, and I'd love to put your blog up there too, but here's what you have to do... go there... follow me... and then comment and tell me you want to be put up!

I'll need your help though! Tell me anything that you think I should do on my blog! Pictures, polls, stories, etc.
And here's the best part... I'll be posting on my blog (Lord willing) EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!

I've got an idea for you... maybe it's time you started a new blog! Are you sick-and-tired of tradition!?! Maybe you're getting a new mindset this year and maybe you need a new blog to go with it!

God bless you, and I'll see you on my blog!
-Kade @ the loser

p.s. man... this is a big change for me... going from life saving to life losing... i hope it works...


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