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Have you set any goals yet? This is the END of the decade, what will you do in the next one? Yesterday, we were talking about this next decade and how fast this last one went by, and I said "This next one is mine." Anybody with me?

Man, I have so many ideas and dreams (most of them are crazy and impossible, i know) but now, I'm not going to care about what others think (and what I think, 'cause most of the time I discourage myself from carrying out my dreams!)

I've got a question for you, have you ever tried to do something impossible? Yeah, I've never tried either. Ever tried to do something highly improbable? SAY WHAT?

I want to encourage you to do something this next year that you never thought in a million years you could have done! It could be anything! But whatever it is, don't be afraid to do it! Maybe it's finishing high school early! Maybe it's learning to play an instrument! Or starting a band! My Dad is planning on running a half-marathon this next year. Yeah, I know, wow!

All I want to say is:

One thing that I want to do this next year is start my 'missionary training'. Yeah, that's right. I wanna be a missionary. What r u gunna do 'bout it? Another thing I want to do is learn Spanish, yeah, you like that one too? I guess that might be part of my missionary training though... Anyways, this is my dream for now, but what does it mean? I don't know really. It may mean going here. Or It may mean me thinking about going to a seminary. Or It may just mean studing at home! I don't know! But I do know that God's got big plans for me- He's got big plans for you and me!

But you know, I can get very discouraged. I mean, what are the chances of me learning a language in a year? What are the chances of a sixteen-year-old going to a missionary training school? I don't know! But with the big G-O-D all things are possible. And if you try to discourage me, you'd better watch out, 'cause I just might shoot you! Well okay, not really... I like you guys too much...

So I'll just say one more thing:
And maybe something else:
Alright, a few more:
and Don't be CHICKEN!

You get it?

God bless you, (IF YOU DO WHAT I'M SAYIN')

p.s. in fact, comment and tell me what you plan on doing this next year. and if you don't, I'll send viruses onto your computer, whahaha!

p.p.s. just kidding.

p.p.p.s. i don't even know how to.


Josh December 31, 2009 at 2:14 PM  

Hey Kade,
I think alot like you in some ways. I'm a BIG dreamer too and am not afraid to think up the most impossible sounding notions!

The fact that you have read Do Hard Things is obvious, but it encouraging to see the impact that it made in your life! BTW, I did a hard(but really fun) thing yesterday! It is hard to wait and see what the Lord will do with it =)

It would be wonderful if you could do missionary training! I am still interested in some outreach to a third world country!
Hmm...Maybe this year...
In Christ Alone,

LocaChica December 31, 2009 at 2:45 PM  

Did I hear Spanish? Cool! It's an awesome language! Try www.livemocha.com it will teach you a lot, and if you want to, you can practice with native speakers, which will really improve your language skills.
I began studying Spanish last year, when I decided that I wanted to be a missionary to a Spanish speaking country(okay, actually, a country with people that speak Spanish as their first langauge..because I've never really met a 'country' that speaks). After a year of studying it, lots of mistakes, I am now fluent. Why did I tell you? Because it's NOT impossible,(and actually is fun!) and you CAN do it :)
This blog is an encouragement to me. Keep it up in the next decade!

Kade December 31, 2009 at 6:17 PM  

Way to go Josh! You do it.

And LocoChica, it's encouraging to know that it's possible, and really cool to know that you did it! I'll check out that site too...

God Bless,

Tori January 1, 2010 at 2:08 AM  

Okay, so I'm lovin' this post!

I honestly can say that right now I don't have a BIG dream I want to accomplish this year....but one thing I need to do is really seek the Lord about what HIS will for my life is! College (should I or shouldn't I), where should I go, what should I major in....what course does He want my life to take? Not that I have to know every detail (in fact, I don't want to know everything)...but I need to seek the Lord's guidance in these areas. That's my desire this year. And if some "hard things" come along the way, I'm going to have to ask the Lord to help me tackle them with a passion that only He can give!

Thanks for this post...it was encouraging to me!

Gracey February 20, 2010 at 7:09 PM  

I don't think that I can get these things accomplished in the next year but in the next few years I want to write a book and learn to play the violin. I've tried to write books in the past but get impatient and stop after only writing a few pages haha. Inspiring post! :)

Essa January 27, 2011 at 6:06 PM  

Just found your blog! I can see that you've read Do Hard Things from the post :) Nice!
Hm. I would like to read through the entire bible this year. I also want to get to know and be a good role model for some 7th grade girls I know. The world can always use more good role models!
Your sister in Christ, Esther.


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