Acts 11:21

This morning when I read Acts 11:21 it reminded me of The Second Great Awakening, in which Charles Finney tried to bring revival to our nation. Verse 21 reads "And the hand of the lord was with them," talking of thosse who went to Antioch,"and a large number who belived turned to the lord." Now the First Great Awakening I belive was a divine work of God by the Holy Spirit, through his people; but the Second Great Awakening was man made, and man was trying to control the Holy Spirit. John 3:8 says "The wind blows where it wishies and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the spirit. Just meaning that you can't control the Holy Spirit. I belive our country can use a revival, but we cannot control the Spirit. The way revival comes is by prayer and repentance. Revalation 19:1 says, "After I heard someting like a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, 'Hallelujah! Salvation and Glory and power Belong to our God;"



EGo February 6, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

You think like...deep...

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Jo-shmo February 7, 2008 at 7:43 AM  

We cannot control the Holy Spirit, good.


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