Consider the Lily...

Tonight I was playing my guitar, and I was playing "Consider the Lily." It was saying that we do not need to worry about what we will wear or eat, because God will take care of our needs. Now, I don't really struggle with worrying about if we will have food or not, it's just if I will like the food, and I don't even need to like the food!

Our Lord said that he would take care of our needs, thats kind of funny because we don't even have to live! But I think the Lord meant that He would provide us with shelter, food, and clothing. I'm not really ever conserned if I don't have clothes, it's just if it's cool enougf, or if it's dirty or not (just like the food).

The Lord has taken care of me, but I need to work on not worrying over stuff, especially if it's not important.

And you know what? Not only has the Lord provided for my needs, He's also provided for a lot of my wants! Which is a blessing!

We have a great God!




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