The Preeimence of the Gospel (part 3)

Yesterday's post was going to be really long but I shortened it down by splitting the message down into four parts instead of three. If you have not read the earlier posts, I encourage you to go back and read those first. Today's post won't be too long. Here is Paul Washer:

"He says the Gospel which you "received." It means, "to take in the Christ." Christ becomes the very sustenance of your LIFE! HE BECOMES ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING!! Your whole life is now lived out in a different context, and that context is in CHRIST! He's not some little accessory that you tie on to your LIFE!! He's not something that you do on Sundays. He's not something that you ' Oh I've got that done already, don't worry about me preacher.' You received him! You take him in! He is your life, and you must take him wholelisticly. These silly little arguments about, lordship of Jesus Christ. Well is it lordship's salvation when you get saved. Do you get saved by believing he's the savior, without accepting him as lord? What do you think, the lord Jesus Christ is schizophrenic. HE IS LORD, CHIRST, MESSIAH, SAVIOR!! And when he is taken in he is taken in wholelisticly. He is taken in completely AS LORD AS SAVIOR AS GOD!!! Again you say I'm asking too much. No I'm asking too much from men who have not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit, but when the power of God is working I’m not asking too much.

PW: "Which you received in which you also stand. That word, "stand", what is it dealing with? A conviction of the Gospel. It becomes the very foundation of your life! I meet so many Good people, and yet I can take note quickly that Christ is not the source of their sustenance. Christ is not the source of their life. He is not the foundation upon which they build. He is an accessory to add to their life. But Paul says no. You received him, you received this Gospel, you stand upon this Gospel, and you stay there.

Paul Washer: "Now we go on. "By which also you are saved." Now this is the part that burns. This is a part that I have to be careful of not getting in the flesh. This is a part that makes me fierce, angry, and warrior-like in my preaching. I am sick and tired of all these Gospel preachers promising things God never promised, because the promise of salvation is no longer good enough for carnal men. WE'RE PROMISING THEM "OH IF YOU ACCEPT CHIRST JESUS YOU'LL HAVE A WHOLELISTIC LIFE! IF YOU ACCEPT JESUS HE'LL BALANCE YOUR CHECKBOOK! IF YOU ACCEPT JESUS HE WILL DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS! When did salvation not become enough? THAT HE HAS SHEED HIS OWN BLOOD FOR MY SOUL! THAT I' M SAVED I'M SAVED PRAISE GOD I'M SAVED, THAT I WAS A WRETCH BOUND FOR HELL!! COULD NOT ESCAPE, COULD NOT EVEN WANT TO ESCAPE; AND YET HE HAS SAVED ME!!! Why is that no longer good enough? I'll tell you why, because we're not preaching on sin, and men are not afraid of sin, and men are not afraid of judgement.

To be continued.

To My Brothers in Christ,

P.S. Nick has informed me that he will not be able to post for a little while. Also be looking for me tomorrow with part 4.



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