The Preeimence of the Gospel (part 4)

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading these posts on this sermon by Paul Washer. When I heard it I wanted to post the sermon on here, but I knew that it would be to long and some people wouldn't make it to the end of it. However, I encourage you to listen to it. I will try to post it at the end of this post. To hear it from him is so much more powerful than reading it. I would also encourage you to "Hold fast". :) We left off With Paul Washer asking, "Why is the Gospel no longer good enough? I'll tell you why, because we're not preaching on sin. And men are not afraid of sin, and they are not afraid not of judgement." So here is the last part of Paul Washer's message:

"It says in the next part of the verse, "by which also you were saved if...if... you hold fast." I will not take that conditional clause out of there. Some people say, "Now hold on Brother Paul. What are you talking about here? Your saying they're saved if they keep going, and if they don't keep going they're not saved?" That's exactly what I'm saying. "Well than brother Paul, you’re saying that a man can lose his salvation." No I'm not. I'm saying what scripture says, and it is this. The proof of having been truly saved is that you continue on in the faith. And if you turn away from the faith, it is evidence that you have never come to know him; and even more importantly he has never come to know YOU! The doctrine of Eternal Security AS IT IS PREACHED in America today, is damning many people to hell. BECAUSE WE'VE COME TO BELIEVE THAT SALVATION IS NO MORE THAN A FLU SHOT THAT YOU TAKE!!! YOU ENTER THE SMALL GATE, AND THAN YOU WALK IN THE BROAD WAY, AND EVERYTHING IS FINE!! NO MY FRIEND! THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU HAVE PAST THROUGH THE SMALL GATE, IS THAT YOU ARE NOW WALKING IN THE NARROW WAY, MARKED OUT BY THE WORD OF GOD!! AND IF YOU GET OFF THAT PATH AS A BELIEVER, THE FATHER WILL DISCIPLINE YOU AND PUT YOU BACK ON! BUT IF YOU WALK OFF THAT PATH, STAY OFF THAT PATH, AND THE THINGS OF GOD MEAN NOTHING TO YOU, IT IS EVIDENCE THAT YOU HAVE never, never, never come to know him. And most of the people today because of a false teaching with a regard to this doctrine, are rededicating their lives to Christ when in fact some of them are getting saved and some of them are getting nothing.

PW: "Now we go on. "You hold fast the word which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received." As a first importance my dear friend. As a first importance. I can imagine, Noah, preaching decade, after decade, after decade, after decade, preaching and preaching and preaching. And every day he meets devotional time with his family. "Dad what are you going to teach on today?" "It's going to rain." "Dad you been teaching on that for 120 years." He goes out to the square. "What are you going to preach on?" "It's gonna rain." "Why don't you preach something else?" "Because it's gonna rain." If he can be so faithful to such a small message, if he can give it priority above every other thing, than how much more this message, that is the message, there is no other message! It's like brother Charles Lighter told me one time, I think that someone was coming into the pulpit or something and said they was going to teach on faith. And someone said, "I've already heard a message on that." Or someone stands in the pulpit and says, "I'm gonna preach on Ephesians 1," and two woman stand up walk out and say, "We already heard a sermon on that." You could preach those things all of eternity, and not understand them, not grasp their full glory, how much more the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how much more is it to be our priority. AND NOT JUST AMONG OUR ADLUTS. AND NOT JUST AMONG ADULT SERVICES. IT NEEDS TO BE EVERYWHERE, AMONG OUR CHILDREN, AMONG OUR YOUTH. AVERYWHERE EXPLAINING, TEACHING, AND PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!! WE GOT KIDS WHO THE ONLY THING THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IS PAINT PICTURES OF NOAH'S BOAT!! Someone says, "Well can a child understand these things or the Gospel?" Well let me put it this way. A man who has served sixty years as a professor at Harvard cannot understand these things apart from the spirit of God, and with the spirit of God a five-year-old child can understand it soundly. Again let move out of this realm of humanistic, and into the realm of GOD!! WHO CAN DO ALL THINGS!!!

PW: "For those of you who are young here, younger preachers, I want you to know something. I grew up in my Christianity, in a age where there was a new book out on the Second Coming of Christ every week. It sent me into such confusion, wondering, "Upon what should I set myself? What can I know with certainty and preach with boldness?" And I decided I would set myself upon one thing, learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kole: Hey guys I know this is pretty long right now so I will end up finishing it tomorrow.

To my Brothers in Christ,


Anonymous March 2, 2008 at 1:48 PM  

Happy to see that you are gleaning great things from Paul Washer's sermons ... he is quite the preacher!
I listen to many of his sermons on YouTube and they are great. Keep up the good work. Your blogs have been a blessing. Thanks.


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