Dazzled and Delighted

We need to be delighted and dazzled with Christ every day. There is so much about Christ, that we will never completely know about Him. We're all "worshipers" we like to worship people (like sports stars, singers, etc.) But we need to be worshiping Christ! If we're not, maybe it's that we have other things in our life that are "more important" (to us at that time). The word we use... idols.

So do we get rid of these idols... No! We don't. We could try, but all that will happen is it will be replaced with other idols! What we need to do is "turn our focus on Christ, so that everything else becomes garbage!" Phil. 3:8

All for the glory of God,


Anonymous March 9, 2008 at 11:53 PM  

The problem is that the "idols" we have usually are not evil. They are in fact items that Christ commands we take care of: jobs, family, money. The trick is to so arrange the priorities that it all falls under the rule of Christ, not that He ends up being the only thing in our lives.

Kade March 11, 2008 at 2:13 PM  

Every idol we have are sins. Even if thy are what Christ commands us to do they are still sins. Your're right about Christ not being the "only" thing in our lives, but He should certinly be the first.

P.S. (Thanks for the challenge, Mr. BL)


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