Ordo Solutis

What is the Ordo Solutus? E.C.J.A.S.G.
You can break it all up into six points:
(1). Effectual calling, is an Irresistible grace, because to produces regeneration.
(2). Conversion, faith and repentance (I prefer believe and repent).
(3). Justification, is the work of God declaring us NOT GUILTY, and RIGHTEOUS!
(4). Adoption, is God declaring and making us His sons (or daughters), and co-heirs with Christ, in everything!
(5). Sanctification, is the process of God making us more like Him, in our inner man.
(6). Glorification is God giving us glorified bodies.

What's effectual calling?:
It's God, in His loving kindness, calling his elect, by His Spirit, and producing in our hearts, a new principle of life toward Him (sway from evil to God).

What is Irresistible Grace?:
A Grace that cannot be resisted, Duh.

What is Conversion?:
God saving us through His Spirit, through faith and repentance.

What is Faith?:
(1). Having a knowledge of Christ and His work.
(2). Believeing it's true.
(3). Trusting and Delighting in God for our salvation.

What is Repentence?:
(1). Change of our thinking.
(2). Change of our feeling.
(3). Change of our sway from self to God.

This is all from the Father, through the Son, by the Holy Spirit.

Do all for the glory of God!


p.s. It might be good to memorize this:)


Anonymous February 29, 2008 at 4:04 PM  

thanks `for sharing- mom


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