A Soft Answer

Tonight I have games to ref, but tonight is a little different. I will be reffing in the center of the field and I will be reffing u-8 kids. Now last week there was this guy who came over before a game that my brother and I were going to ref, and he went nuts! Apparently he didn't like a call one of the refs had made and was upset. We talked respectfully to him, but he started getting annoying because he was delaying a game that we had to start. Later that night after all the games were done we told our Dad about this guy. He asked us, "you know what to do if you meet that type of person, right?" And he told us this verse in chapter 15 of proverbs. It says, "A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." I was a little worried that I might meet this guy again, but I remembered this verse and now I know what to do if I meet him.

Moral of the story: "A soft answer turns away wrath"



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